About Us



In 1972 the foundations laid Üstün Brode Textile, Embroidery, Weaving and Jacquard superior quality, increase the efficiency every day in Turkey and worldwide with a wide marketing network and high producing power.

Üstün Brode Tekstil exports to approximately 50 countries in 4 continents, primarily Russia and many countries of Europe, under the brand Bright. Accordingly, our carefully prepared "Bright Collection" is constantly changing and developing. Our integrated production facility in Istanbul Büyükçekmece has a monthly production capacity of 450,000 meters in total. In addition to Brode, Dobby Weaving and Jacquard, we also have production such as Yarn Twisting. In today's world where ruthless competition continues, as Üstün Brode, we are moving steadily. We are developing our vision with the awareness that the primary way to reach our goals is the quality of the products we produce and customer satisfaction.


Üstün Brode Tekstil always has the instinct of being original under the Bright brand. At the same time, Üstün Brode, to be the best in quality not only in Turkey, aims to become one of the leading companies in the markets in which exported the products. It aims to protect the constantly rising line without breaking.


Üstün Brode aims to be a pioneer in innovation and maximize customer satisfaction by combining expert R&D staff, high technology and qualified human workforce. It aims to increase its market share by diversifying it in different regions of the world and always aims to play the role that determines the market in its markets.

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